hip fracture cost of care

Variation of Inpatient Cost of Care in the Treatment of Isolated Geriatric Hip Fractures

Determined if the medical comorbidity score (ASA or Charlson Comorbidity Index) predicted total cost of inpatient care for geriatric patients with isolated intertrochanteric hip fractures.

Found that the comorbidity profile does not predict total inpatient cost of care when using ASA or Charlson Comorbidity Index scores.

carpal tunnel release

Cost Savings of Carpal Tunnel Release Performed in Clinic Compared to an Ambulatory Surgery Center: Time Driven-Activity Based Costing (TD-ABC)

Investigated carpal tunnel release (CTR) performed in the clinic versus the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) to evaluate cost using a TD-ABC model.

CTR in clinic resulted in significant cost savings without compromising patient safety or experience.

Time Driven-Activity Based Costing (TD-ABC) in Trauma: Is this a more Accurate Way to Prepare for Bundled Payment?

Compared the cost of open reduction internal fixation for an isolated ankle fracture using TD-ABC and our institution’s traditional accounting method.

TD-ABC costing resulted in a more accurate measurement of the cost to deliver care.